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I was at TNYMU yesterday. Asan na pictures ko with *insert people here*?:(

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because I can’t do this tonight as I might be asleep or something.

2012 has been a topsy-turvy year.

  • I started working. Call center agent at 18. People said I’d screw up and I did eventually with my first company. Moved to a new job. New account, new fellow trainees, new background, new atmosphere
  • Met a guy, fell in love, had a kid, traveled to be with him momentarily, still with him after all the shits.
  • gained a lot of friends, lost them for a time, gained them back, lose them again.
  • loss communication to a bunch of people but then got some of them back.

I’ve had less time for friends and most of time would be for work and him.

I’ll be setting my life back to track. First would be for this blog, I’m not gonna delete it but I am gonna drop this. I’ll use a different blog. There there

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I’ve been preparing for the trip since September.

I bought the tickets September 8 and now look at what happened.

3K as the trip money? Heck! What would I do that? Where can I stay from Nov. 27 - Dec. 1 with that amount of money!? I’m so fucked.

I know I’d be safe by the 30th since that is our sweldo but what about on the 27th? On my birthday date itself?! My mates have all been a sweetheart helping me save money. Buying me baon to work so I wouldn’t deduct so much from my salary. Buying me the luggage. The birthday dress and shoes. They’ve all be darlings just so I’d have nothing to bug me out for the trip..

Then family fuckery happened. Lack of money being given being put on the table yet again. Stress and very suffocated to the point I wanna move out (and I am looking for an apartment and perhaps someone to share the place with..)

It’s been long since I blog about something that keeps me buggy. It helps a bit in breathing. Luh.

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So I’m excited. I finally got my belly button pierced. We’ll head to the beach on the afternoon of 28th and stay there till the 29th afternoon. Of course, I’m gonna wear a bikini to flaunt the belly button piercing that is driving my boyfriend crazy. Hihihi. Almost there. Few more days and then hello Davao!